I have been interested in photography since my first Canon AE-1 in 1974,

Kids and Critters helped pay for some extras at Penn State and later at the University of Pennsylvania Vet School. In those days you only did black and white if your darkroom shared your apartment bathroom.

Over the years I splurged for an F-1 but later went digital with a procession of one clicks until my Canon 20D and then my 5D. I mostly use my 24-70/2.8L, my 70-200/2.8Lor the 24-105/4L. I still love the USM 28-135 f5.6 as a great carry lens but with the addition of the 24-105 it is a quandry sometimes.

I use Canon 580ex flash unless I set up the studio lights (bought so I could photograph our niece's wedding as a gift for her or for me you may ask) but still love shooting outside with the longer lens to get that narrow depth of field. I process in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CS4 and wish I had the time to use anywhere near its capability.

As I go back to review the many thousands of stored photos, I noticed that my passion seems to still be kids and critters. I have created galleries with some of my favorites and also some family, and patient shoots. I try to have the camera connect with the essence that is that animal - it is rare to get one of those shots among the many more typical portraits but when you get "that shot" they subject can see right inside you and , hopefully, you into them.

Nowdays I do it as a joy. Recently I have been woking with HD video and Adobe Premier for video editing but that is on Youtube (drdob) and another subject. Enjoy and thanks for taking the time to read this.

Doc "B" aka Larry A. Bernstein, VMD
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